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One and a half year AS course

I have just started a Spring intake, 1.5 year AS economics class. I wonder how many other places around the world attempt this.

I’ll keep you updated with how I go. My lesson planning and scheme of work gets to really fine tune the students economic writing and evaluation skills. If you know of anyone else in the same boat it would be nice to touch base.


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Globalisation: To separate or not to separate?

After currently doing a stint teaching some Western Australian students for their WACE Economics 3A 3B exams I noticed that Globalisation is now taught as a stand alone subject and was wondering if that is the best method for designing an economics curriculum.

While the understanding and necessity of Globalisation in any Economics study is paramount to today’s global economy, is it necessary to teach it stand alone? You could almost say that Globalisation is inherently factored into many other components of the curriculum such and Trade, Macro, Govt Policy… and almost every topic needs to be aware of the international implications. Also is there enough quality and substance to separate this topic from others in an already tight teaching year?

Personally I think the topic is great and necessary to be discussed, however maybe we could just use one class on it before talking about trade and it’s ever changing impact on economies and it will suffice… Its maximum worth in an exam should be at most 2-3 MCQs with no need for a short or long answer devoted entirely to the topic 🙂

What are your thoughts? Let me know 🙂

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